Fiber Trace Viewer

Fiber Trace Viewer 6.90

It allows you to measure the response time on optical fiber networks

Fiber Trace Viewer is very useful and easy-to-use software package especially designed for measuring the time response on optical fiber networks. Using this piece of software, you will be able to easily manage and maintain networks based on optical fiber.

It features many measurement tools like time domain reflectometer, polarization mode dispersion, chromatic dispersion, optical spectrum analysis and optical return loss. These tools prove to be particularly useful for companies and small businesses and will save precious time when it comes to the maintenance of office networks.
Fiber Trace Viewer comes in handy to network administrators that are dealing with networks based on optical fiber, yet the measurement tools integrated by this utility can also be used by non-experienced users. This piece of software comes with advanced analysis tools, as well as features for archiving trace information, making it a must-have application for every network administrator. Two of the key features of the application are the bi-directional analysis and the automatic PMD, CD, OTDR and DWDM trace analysis.

Taking all these into consideration, you should give Fiber Trace Viewer a try, as it proves to be very useful when it comes to managing networks based on optical fiber.

Dave Hattey
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